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Welcome to Sherman Visual Lab
This is the personal website of Dr. Sherman (Xing Min, or Xing-min) Wang (汪醒民), to share his thoughts and works on science, art, and education. Thanks for your visiting!

Physics Simulations Using JApplet/Swing/Java2D
Physics Simulations Using JApplet/Swing/Java2D
Simulations Using VRML 2.0 (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)
Black Hole, Wormhole, Multi-universe, Airplane...
Science Demo: Build Your Own Satellite (Link to The Tech Museum )

Mathematics, Physics and Information Retrieval (IR)
1: Dirac Notation, Fock Space and Riemann Metric Tensor in IR Models
2: Probability Bracket Notation, Probability Vectors, Markov Chains and Stochestic Processes
3: Induced Hilbert Space, Markov Chain, Diffusion Map and Fock Space in Thermophysics
4: Probability Bracket Notation: Probability Space, Conditional Expectation and Introductory Martingales
5: From Dirac Notation to Probability Bracket Notation: Time Evolution and Path Integral under Wick Rotations
6: Probability Bracket Notation: Term Vector Space, Concept Fock Space and Induced Probabilistic IR Models
7: Probability Bracket Notation, Multivariable Systems and Static Bayesian Networks
8: Probability Bracket Notation: Markov State Chain Projector, Hidden Markov Models and Dynamic Bayesian Networks
9: Thematic Clustering and the Dual Representations of Text Objects

Electonic Business and Enterprise Web Apps
HTML5 Canvas
JSP/Java 2D
Java FX
Carousel Using JQuery/CSSPython CGI 101Angular JS Demo
JavaScript OOP & CSS,  Ajax 101:  Classic Novels Online,  RSS News Reader 

Digital Photo
Nature, Society, Culture, People...

Drawings and Paintings
Charcoal, Pastel, Computer Graphics...

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