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04/22/2018 Sunday

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Electronic Business and Rich Internet Appplicatios
Nowadays, to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA), people are facing more and more choices. On the client side, the most current option is HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript (H5-C3-JS). Because almost all modern web browsers (used by both desktop and mobile devises) support web pages written in H5-C3-JS, while heavy client side tools like Java applets, Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight are gradually phased out (see the Google Rends Chat).

But web pages are usually dynamically generated (partially or fully) by using different languages or platforms or toolkits on server side. For example, I have used Java-JSP, PHP, Python-CGI and Perl-CGI for various projects at various times. Therefore, to generate pages in H5-C3-JS, one has to make yet another choice (or choices) among different languages, toolkits and frameworks. A few introductory demos can be seen below or at: Enterprice App)

HTML5 with JavaScript
and CSS

Cannon: Animation Using HTML5/JavaScript/CSS
Online Resource: W3 Schools: HTML5 Canvas

JavaScript (JQuery)
and CSS

Las Vegas: Carousel Using JQuery/CSS
Online Resource: 3D Carousel

Slideshow Using JavaScript and CSS

Las Vegas: Google's Slideshow Using JavaScript/CSS
Online Resource: Google's Slideshow Project Home

JavaFX 2 Applications
Warning: To see demos using JavaFX, you must use a PC and install:
JRE (or JVM plug-in) 7 or up from Oracle

StarterApp, a sample app from book: Pro JavaFX 2 - Appress (2012)
Online Resource: JavaFX FAQ - Oracle

Enterprise Java Applications
Dynamic Graphic Data Presentation Using JSP/Java2D

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