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04/22/2018 Sunday

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Digital Photograph

Bryce Canyon, Utah
Sculpture by Nature: Queen Victoria and more ...

Zion Canyon, Utah
Looking up from the Bottom of the Canyon ...

Grand Canyon, Arizona
Overlooking the Canyon from the Top ...

California Academy of Science
San Francisco, California
A Bird Nest:
The Secret in a Box on our Balcony
Wild Life Garden Flowers,
Guanzhou, China

Russian Festival, Oct. 2010
Saratoga, CA
2008 Olympic Torth Relay,
San Francisco
Dickens Fair, Dec. 2012
Daly City, CA

My Impression of Las Vegas, USA
Casinos, Resorts and Streets..

Beaches, Monuments and Volcanoes
Tibetan Buddhism:
Temples, Monks, Nuns and People
Western Sichuan, China)
The Restored Views
of The Yang Gong Bank,
West Lake, Hangzhou, China
Longmen (Dragon Gate),
the Home Town of Emperor Sun Quan,
an Ancient Town in Zhejiang, China

With Professor Wang Rong

More to come, please visit us again!

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